Delmar, synthetic pyrethroid insecticidal activity large, no systemic, It acts at very low doses for contact and ingestion, is little residual, It has insect repellent activity for approaching and treated cultures produced in affected individuals inappetence.

Presented in the form of emulsifiable concetrado, It is effective in controlling sucking insects such as green stink bugs and other, whiteflies, psyllas, numerous aphids and other Homoptera; tripses (thrips), cutworms, caterpillars defoliadoras, leafminers, moths, processionary, Zeuzera and other caterpillars (Lepidoptera), flies, mosquitoes and other Diptera, hoplocampas and other himenópteros, autonomous, Cuca and other beetles (coleopteros) and other insects.

Deltametrin 2,5%
Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)
1 l / 5 l
Registration number:
IS-00571.PDFVer documento
Safety data sheet:
Delmur-Español_CLP-2020.pdfVer documento
it / Almendro / Eggplant / Zucchini / Onion / Pome / Lettuce / Manzano / Cantaloupe / Olive / Potato / Pepinillo / Cucumber / Peral / Leek / Watermelon / Tomato / At / Table vine / Wine vine

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