Glimur More


Glimur More: Association of two herbicides with a complementary action mode, such as diflufenican and glyphosate, on a broad spectrum of grass weeds and dicotyledonous. Diflufenican has herbicidal activity on pre dicotyledonous and early postemergence with high persistence forming a continuous film on the floor. Glyphosate is a contact herbicide, systemic, nonselective and foliar absorption, which controls both perennial species such as annual property
Diflufenican 3%+Glifosato 27%
Concentrated pendant (SC)
5 l
Registration number:
IS-00214.PDFVer documento
bergamot / Citrus / Clementino / Lemon Tree / Tangerine / Naranjo / Olive / At / Table vine / Wine vine

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