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PHOSAR It is a fertilizer that provides a balanced amount of nitrogen and phosphorus, particularly suitable to overcome situations of nutritional deficiency in phosphorus. Its content of microelements (Manganese, Zinc and copper) It helps complete the phosphoric subscriber giving the crop a significant qualitative and quantitative benefit. Applicable to both foliar and Fertigation. It contributes to a balanced growth, favouring compact cellular structures both in vegetative growth, as in reservation and flower organs. It is especially indicated in process of growth of shoots, Bloom, initial growth of the fruit, as well as outputs of stages of stress such as the summer stop, the early harvest and the winter departure.    
NPK (8-24-0) + Manganese(MN) 1% + Zinc (Zn) 1% + Copper (CU) 1% EDTA
Soluble concentrate
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1 l / 5 l / 20 l

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