TRIMUR is a herbicide that was used in post-emergence of wheat and barley for the control of bad herbs of sheet wide. TRIMUR is absorbed mainly by the leaves, to a lesser extent by the roots, and it translocates rapidly, both acropetal and basipetamente, the points of development of the plant preventing cell division and the growth of that. As a result the herbs die or remain enanizadas thus losing its ability to compete with the crop. The growth of the herbs sensitive is stop few hours after the treatment with symptoms visible, as yellowing, necrosis and death which can manifest itself in 1 to 3 weeks from the application depending on the temperature
Tribenuron-metil 75%
Water dispersible granules (WG)
100 g
Registration number:
IS-00089.PDFVer documento
Safety data sheet:
Trimur-Español_CLP_2020.pdfVer documento
Barley / Wheat long cycle

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